30. October 2020 wisdom 0

Growing up in my early twenties, I had to move back home temporarily. Shortly afterward we had one of those ‘don’t care where you go long as it ain’t here’ moments. Yeah, my disposition got adjusted. So I headed out in the dark wondering where, what, and when. Bewildered, I sat in my car pouting in the rain. Whispering a little prayer on the verge of a tear, looked out my window and saw something brilliant. It was glowing!

There is a glowing mushroom here known as foxfire. It generally grows on deadwood in the forest. Don’t know much more about it other than it sure is fascinating to encounter on a dark night. When disturbed, it gives off a green glow similar to glowworms. So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I laughed and fell asleep to the sound of gentle rain.

Eventually I’ve learned to write about troubles, joys, and such. Writing helps to sort it out. It also helps to remind us that things turned out ok. The 2020 Election is tomorrow. May God continue to bless America with President Trump 2020 and abundant republicans to represent liberty and justice for us all!

Trump 2020

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