Green therapy

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Green therapy

Well the nice thing about YouTube is opportunities to share stories, special interests, and yes, people are learning from each other. Social media is appreciated for problem solvers. For instance, I have fungus gnats swarming around. It’s almost under control. They came in on a plant I guess. Indoor plant enthusiasts are bound to have a pest or two. Gnats even come in on fruits purchased from grocery stores.

Fungas Gnat Solutions

Fungus gnats lay eggs on the surface of damp soil. For flying insect control, indoor bug zappers are pretty useful. I’m using three varieties. This one uses a gentle suction fan. Yeah, it sucks ’em in and blows ’em right back out. It was a dud prior to using a coffee filter sprayed with cooking oil. The oil sticks like glue. The light here doesn’t zap. It just looks interesting. Along with a DIY lure made with yeast, problem solved. It’s been in use for 3 months now and has a fairly good bug collection inside.

The other two zappers are the PIC rechargeables. One uses a lure, the other simply zaps the gnats. They work pretty well overlooking the bad reviews I’ve read. The one with the pink light and the lure is working better though. So I made my own lure with a tiny yeast soaked tissue.

Pic 2-in-1 portable bug zapper

Cats and plants

Two indoor only cats blend fairly well in the limited spaces that are shared with plant life. I’ve almost solved the chewy problem with hanging gardens. However, terra cota pots aren’t meant to hang from ceilings. If they was on a shelf, cats couldn’t resist crashing ’em to the floor. Crushed pepper is experimental.

Catnip amusement… I need therapy.

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