24. February 2017 education 0

Unschooling is a term that probably makes us contemplate the uneducated. Quite the contrary; “unschoolery” is simply learning for pleasure. Unschoolers (ideally) advance from personal interests. “Because it’s fun, or fascinating, or they care” (Leo Babauta, 2014). However, everyone is not a potential candidate for home education or self-directed learning. Sometimes, people need guidance; other times a guide will get in the way. Yet, learning with a purpose and a specific interest becomes the self-guided direction.

Homeschooling options are vital for both youth and parents when there are illnesses. I’ve been there myself. Personal experience involved my child dropping out in the 8th grade. Yet, before criticizing my parenting, let’s consider the roots of the problem.

My unschooler drop-out is legally blind—corrective sight is 20:30. She wears thick, heavy, eye glasses or contact lenses (preferably daily disposables). These are two options. The other choice is living with a vision handicap. Misplaced glasses and no funds for replacement contact lenses have been problematic.

Poverty is challenging to be deprived. Yet, we can all become pioneers through creativity. Creating a diversion helps the big issue gets smaller. Learning to play with imagination, dreams, and visions delivers hope.

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