Shampoo bars

24. June 2018 grooming, therapies 0

Re-purposing used soap is an intriguing hobby of mine. I’m enjoying do-it-yourself coffee scrub bars. The latest batch, shampoo balls, used glycerin soap, coconut, almond and vanilla ‘Dead Sea’ bath salt. A bit of tinkering; this turned out better using stove top simmering heat and a portable mixer. Instead of alcohol, I used witch hazel spray. A week later, shampoo balls ready for take off.

Watching YouTube people and images of soap in magazines inspires. So, I’m excited to tinker with store bought left-overs for cheap thrills. I’ve used the blender to chop soap remnants and the microwave to keep it simple. The slow cooker bean pot crock serves the purpose well.

Grandchildren are expected to visit. If I ever get tired of these shampoo balls, we can transform ’em into golf balls. Time will tell. The coffee bar is a lotion bar with oils for the skin. Makes the hands soft and helps remove sticky glue well. subtle cost-free skin bronzer. Oil makes hair shiny so I prefer a fresh brew of coffee oil.

I’m sure our grandson appreciates hands-on learning with crayons and finger paint. Perhaps we can brew up a crayon experiment using scented wax. He’s rough on my favorite ink pens.

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