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Occasionally I’m simply the expendable family member. Maybe I was put here to be a scapegoat. At least it feels like it. Here’s a prime example of that. Folks get frustrated. When things go wrong, the weak-minded blame somebody for it. Now it makes no sense to the goat, however. Sometimes belittled goats wander off to the great beyond and are never missed again. Really?

Not really! In reality, people are missed. Siblings generally mature after learning from regrets. Family can always find ways to control fits of rage. Same goes for people everywhere. Meanness bites us in our own butts. I know this from personal experience; mainly observation. We’ll all grow up if we live long enough. Some, however, chose bitterness and drama for a lifetime. Weak minded people are a dime a dozen. So it seems. No matter what happens next, there is a clear revelation ahead.

Someone I care about prefers brutal deception over reality. She’s still being influenced by fools1. Personality is acquired by influence. Let’s be perfectly clear. People are judgemental for unexplained reasons. There’s a good reason for that. Conventional wisdom is foolishness with the living God, nevertheless. Jesus spoke many parables as examples to expand our understanding.

Chose life!

Last week2 DSS showed up out of the blue to check on the grands. Educated guess: My daughter’s ex expected to make her life even more miserable. The grand-kids are doing great here though. A piece of wisdom: Split for good this time girl. Find friendlier friends. Your sanity will thank you. Your kids will thank you. Real folks who care about your well-being will surely appreciate that.
God bless!

Heaven help us. Family thought I called social services at first. Was it the neighbors perhaps? After all, there was plenty of hollering, mad fits too. Thankfully, the country life has no noise ordinance. The four year old has screaming fits if she can’t get immediate catering. Drop everything and cater by golly. Imagine that. Nonetheless, I am certain the neighbors didn’t notice anything unusual.

It’s an imperfect world. There are no perfect solutions except to cooperate with authorities and mainly put all our trust in God above. I recall a phone conversation my daughter and I had last month. She said, “I’m coming back home. That basturd threatened to… blah, blah, blah.’ Well, I didn’t call DSS. Maybe your ex did!

Nothing left to explain:

The prophet Jonah
Jonah the prophet

Truth is we are dealing with emotionally disturbed grandchildren because their parents chose alcohol, drugs, and selfish pity over responsibility. Mental health is still our friend. I certainly hope we all can discover how wonderful life is with stability. Meanwhile, I’ve nothing much to say to my enemies.

fools1: foolishness, folly, drama is a sin that separates us from God’s ultimate rewards. Instead, we can have pleasant thoughts. Find real amusement

week2: June 2022. There is a 90 day Temporary Safety Provider measure in progress. Even longer if the mother chooses drugs over reality. If she messes this up, her children could end up in foster care. God forbid! They’re our livelihood. It is also a challenge to correct the damage that’s already done.

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    Express Yourself on June 14, 2022 Reply

    Makes no difference who called the DSS. Everyone was once a child.

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