Loving the unlovable

07. December 2017 kindness 0

A very difficult thing to do is to love our enemies. From human perspectives, hatred is abundant. But why? Deal with it. People are flawed. I am flawed, you are flawed, we all flawed. Trying to accomplish ‘agape’ love on our own terms can make a flaw fester. Flaws make us individuals.

The best solution I’ve discovered for years  is to create diversions:

Find ways to play. The key is to entertain myself so I don’t have to focus on people or flaws. For instance, toying with something productive such as knitting, yoga moments, self-massage and aroma therapy are personal examples of entertainment. Creating diversions bring peace; a heaven sent serenity.

When a person is tough to love, there are reasons for bitterness. Why anyone would prefer anger over laughter is beyond me. What if a simple smile could make a difference? Don’t know about you but it sure makes me happier. If I choose to harbor wickedness toward anyone then I’m harming myself.

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