10. April 2020 wisdom 0
Watching selective YouTube channels makes sense. Specifically, the news coverage that mainstream fails to mention is often covered by You-tuber’s. This entry highlights the importance of being aware. Evil is disgusting, yet ignorance is unwise. Voter Fraud My reaction realizing we’re all being lied to by CNN, MSN, and fake news is mixed. It’s annoying ...

Sleep Rx

30. March 2020 health, sleep spa 0
Recently I’ve been very sleepy right around dinner time between 5 and 7 pm. It’d be better to have a power nap than to eat, perhaps. Family time deters that nap though. It makes it difficult to sleep when it’s needed most. Like tonight after 12 am. Occasionally Melatonin tablets can help. Tonight it’s a ...


28. February 2020 wisdom 0
It’s a virtue to stand guard against evil. The previous administration, under Obama are pretending to have diplomatic immunity as if nothing was done to harm people. That puts responsibility on our shoulders to protect ourselves, our loved ones, standing firm for the defenseless.