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It’s a virtue to stand guard against evil. The previous administration, under Obama are pretending to have diplomatic immunity as if nothing was done to harm people. That puts responsibility on our shoulders to protect ourselves, our loved ones, standing firm for the defenseless.


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“[…]Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) [knows] that if he doesn’t pull out South Carolina with a big win, he’s pretty much toast. First, he didn’t appear to know what state he was in. Unfortunately for him, that’s not unusual. Then he told folks at a campaign event that he’d been responsible for the Paris Climate Accord ...

Empty promises

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Knowing history prevents the insanity of repeating harsh sequels. Consequently, communist China is where citizens are flogged for not wearing masks; information sharing is risky. Today a Marxist is on TV trying to convince me that socialism solves economic problems. The idiot fails to mention the part where freedom, incentives, lacking empowerment is causing suffering. ...