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It’s way too easy to be judgemental toward others. Some folks do this to deflect from their own flaws. I’m addicted to nicotine and coffee. Someone else I know and love is most likely breaking an even more harmful addiction. How do I know this? Well, I do realize how powerful a fervent prayer can be.

Information overloads

So I’m currently in the Facebook jailhouse for 90 days. Whew! Vacation time! Time out for spreading free-thinking missed-information to the masses. There was a time when I was a social media addict too. Fervent prayers can break any stronghold. What seems trivial to one is a major problem for another.

it’s okay, we on vacation from Facebook

Trusted resources

Of course it’s alright to question CNN, MSN, Washington Post or any news media on North American dirt. For all it’s worth, the USA was founded upon freedom; liberty is our motto. There are impostors hellbent on destroying that liberty. My God is laughing.

I appreciate truth! I’ll decide for myself what is trustworthy. Some of us can handle insults better than others. Some can’t handle truth at all. Truth might hurt. Reality can step on some big toes. Might even stomp out some sinister plans too. That’s okay. We have access to a greater resource than all fear combined. Be blessed!


“how to keep criticism from sinking your soul (Maria Popova, n.d.)

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